Pearson Robotic Case Packers

Pearson's line of RTL-HZ and RTL-HV robotic case packers are standardized, modular case packers, capable of loading in horizontal or horizontal and vertical orientations at a range of speeds. These case packers are optimized to meet the needs of manufacturers who produce lightweight products in flexible packaging formats, such as bags, pouches or flow-wrapped products.

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Pearson RTL-HV Horizontal / Vertical Robotic Case Packer

Pearson RTL-HV is a modular robotic case packer that can load products both, horizontally and vertically.

Pearson RTL-HZ Horizontal Robotic Case Packer

Pearson's RTL-HV Robotic case packers offer flexible and reliable carton and case loading capabilities easily and safely pack a variety of product styles and pack patterns into cartons, cases, and trays.

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