Pearson Case Erectors & Tray Formers

Pearson ruggedly built case erectors and tray formers provide industry-leading output, with each machine occupying as small a footprint as possible.

With decades of operation in demanding real world applications, Pearson's proven case erectors are highly reliable and built to withstand the rigors of high volume operations. Pearson's dedication to the operator means that each machine is ergonomically friendly and easy to use.

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Pearson CE50 Case Erector

Pearson CE50 case erectors provide high output in a compact footprint, utilizing highly reliable servo-motors on all major motions.

Pearson CE35 Case Erector

Pearson CE35 highly reliable case erectors feature a small-footprint, are easy to use, and form up to 35 cases per minute.

Pearson CE25 Case Erector

The Pearson CE25 case erector operates at speeds up to 25 cases per minute with a vertical case presentation and compact footprint, ideal for limited floor space.

Pearson CE15 Case Erector

Pearson CE15 case erectors operate at speeds up to 15 cases per minute with an ergonomically friendly, powered, 45° angled horizontal case magazine.

Pearson BF40 Bliss Former

Pearson BF40 bliss formers produce a wide variety of shipper and display-ready 3-piece bliss boxes.

Pearson BF30 Bliss Former

Pearson BF30 bliss formers form a wide variety of shipper and display-ready 3-piece bliss box designs.

Pearson BF25-H Bliss Former

Pearson BF25-H bliss formers produce high stacking strength, corrugated shipping and display containers with an H-Divider securely glued to a bliss body wrap.

Pearson TF35 Tray Former

The Pearson TF35 roll-over tray former is a compact, high-speed tray forming system for produce trays with roll-over sides and stacking tabs.

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