Adco Case Packers

With industry-leading performance, modern design, and compact footprint, Adco wrap around and end load case packers are ideal for the most demanding and space conscious production environments. Featuring a fully-welded, sanitary, sheet metal frame, ergonomic magazine load height, dual-shaft design for ease of set-up, along with standard servo controls, Adco case packers handle a wide range of case sizes.

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Adco EnCompass RCP-15 Robotic Case Packer

Adco's EnCompass RCP-15 robotic case packer provides packagers with unparalleled speed, adaptability and investment protection in an extremely small footprint.

Adco EnCompass ELCP End Load Case Packer

With industry-leading performance, modern design and compact footprint, the Adco ELCP handles a wide range of pre-glued end load case sizes, producing up to 25 cases per minute.

Adco EnCompass WACP Wrap Around Case Packer

The Adco WACP handles a wide range of wrap around case sizes with reliable performance, modern design, compact footprint, and speeds up to 20 cases per minute.

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