Adco Tray Formers

We offer a complete range of Adco rugged and reliable corrugated tray forming machinery. Adco flexible and ergonomic tray formers are capable of running a wide variety of one-piece designs from simple end-slotted trays to complex shoulder and BTB style trays.

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Adco CTF 470V Corrugated Tray Former

Capable of forming a wide range of sizes and styles of corrugate trays, the ergonomically designed Adco CTF 470V delivers class-leading performance at speeds up to 70 cycles per minute.

Adco CTFL 440V Compact Corrugated Tray Former

Derived from the Adco workhorse CTF 470V tray former, the small Adco CTFL corrugated tray former is ideal for packagers looking for a lower-cost alternative for lower speed production.

Adco CTF 440VX Large Format Tray Former

Building upon the robust and flexible design of the Adco CTF 470V tray former, the CTF 440VX adds the capability of forming large format trays with blank sizes up to 46 inches wide by 38 inches long.

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