Sealed Air Void Reduction Boxing Systems

Sealed Air automated boxing systems minimize freight, operating, and consumables costs of parcel shipments by right-sizing the pack and optimizing productivity. In addition to lowering freight costs and reducing the carbon footprint of shipping, right-sizing each parcel eliminates the need for void fill and additional packaging materials.

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Sealed Air I-Pack Void Reduction Boxing System

The Sealed Air I-Pack void reduction boxing system can increase fulfillment velocity by producing up to 900 packs per hour. Patented rightsizing technology reduces the overall dimensions of each pack.

Sealed Air e-Cube Void Reduction Boxing System

The Sealed Air e-Cube void reduction system automatically creates right-sized packs for a variety of industries. Ideal for shipping between 300 and 3,000 boxes per day.

Sealed Air Ultipack Void Reduction Boxing System

The Sealed Air Ultipack void containment system automatically inserts a corrugated wedge inside a tray on top of the box contents, locking them in place.

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