Sealed Air e-Cube Void Reduction Boxing System

Sealed Air e-Pack Void Reduction Boxing System

At a Glance

  • Automatically creates right-sized boxes in real time
  • Measures, scores, folds, and seals
  • Ideal for companies that ship between 300 and 3,000 boxes per day
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Sealed Air e-Pack Void Reduction Boxing System
Sealed Air e-Pack Void Reduction Boxing System Box Example

Automatically Creates Right-Sized Fulfillment Boxes in Real Time

The Sealed Air e-Cube void reduction system automatically creates right-sized packs for a variety of industries and is ideal for companies that ship between 300 and 3,000 boxes per day.

The system measures the height of the contents, scores, and folds excess corrugated material, and then seals the carton. This system integrates with and enhances your packaging line to get product out the door faster and more efficiently.

Operational Benefits

Direct and indirect operation costs savings.
No production speed limitation due to the packing process.
Boxing solution: direct picking in the shipping container.
Suitable for any order profile (single / multi orders, fragile, etc).
Cube optimization: cushioning material cost reduction.

Marketing Benefits for a Positive Consumer Impact

Carbon footprint reduction.
100% corrugated packaging.
The e-Cube void reduction system box is appealing and easy to open.
Compression option for apparel.


Sealed Air e-Cube void reduction system can process 1 or 2 footprints with multiple heights.
Up to 480 boxes/hour for one footprint and 960 boxes/hour for two footprints.
Box sizes from 220 x 180 x 50 mm to 650 x 400 x 400 mm.
Handles corrugated flutes from E-Flute (1.5 mm) to BC-Flute (7 mm), Test of Kraft.
No knife technology lowers cost of ownership, no hazards, constant quality and uptime.
No integrated data tracking: no mismatch risk.
Committed uptime (98%).
Low noise level: <78 dBA.
Heavy-duty industrial design for 24/7 operations with tailored service support.

Impact on Logistics Costs

Cube optimisation results in more boxes per pallet and per truck, savings on hub-to-hub transport and last mile.
Easy to implement, without blank feeder.

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