A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer

A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer

At a Glance

  • Tablock high-speed case slitter sealer
  • High speed case sealing to 50 cpm
  • Wide case range
  • Seal with tape or hot melt adhesive

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A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer
AA-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer
A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer
A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer
A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer
A-B-C 121 Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer case range

Tablock High-Speed Case Slitter Sealer Sealing 5-50 CPM

The A-B-C 121 case slitter efficiently slits the tabs of tablock cases then gently and smoothly closes the flaps and seals the case in one continuous operation. This case sealer has proprietary features that compensate for inherent case variations to ensure reliable operation on high-speed production runs. A-B-C's innovative engineering and quality construction place this tablock case slitter and sealer a cut above the competition.

Machine Features

Continuous, high-speed operation
Compact, in-line design for easy installation
Tape and adhesive sealing models available
Speeds to 50 cpm


Positive Case Feed: The automatic metering belt and gate release mechanisms ensure proper spacing and control of cases during high-speed operation. High-traction belting provides positive case transfer.

Precision Tab Slitting: The simple and forgiving tab slitters automatically accommodate the inherent variations in each case. The slitters precisely contact the case, lift and slit the tabs, in continuous, mechanical motion.

Accurate Flap Folding: Floating guides gently sweep the inner flaps upward to be folded by timed mechanical flap folders. Outer flap closing is provided by A-B-C's production-proven contoured cast aluminum flap folders.

Square, Securely Sealed Cases: The compression section has powered top and bottom belts backed by steel rollers that are designed to seal cases squarely. The top motorized compression belt is backed by spring-loaded rollers that ensure proper sealing regardless of case variations.

Case Range

Length: 10" - 22"
Width: 9" - 17"
Height: 7" - 17"


Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts

Machine Specifications

High Performance Features:
Automatic case feed
Automatic metering and gate release infeed
High traction belt case drive
Mechanical timed inner flap folders
Cast aluminum outer flap folders
Powered compression section with top and bottom motorized belts
Gull-wing style high visibility doors
Low voltage control circuit transformer
Convenient power on-off button
Reduced Maintenance Features:
Heavy stainless steel frame
Maintenance-free sealed bearings
Main gear drive in sealed oil bath
Self-lubricating air cylinders
Automatic water eliminator
Case range: RSC cases
Electrical: Primary 440/220v, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Air: .71 SCFM per cycle at 75 psi
Mechanical: Main drive 1.5 hp motor
Metering belt: 1/3 hp motor
Flap lifters: (2) 1/2 hp motors
Speed: Up to 50 cases per minute
Machine weight: 4,000 lbs

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