Shuttleworth Robot Ready Solutions

Shuttleworth Robot Ready Solutions

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  • Precise product positioning and pattern forming
  • Perfect for robotic pick-and-place applications
  • Improve product presentation and cycle times

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Shuttleworth Robot Ready Solutions

Precise Product Positioning and Pattern Forming

Shuttleworth low back pressure surface, custom devices with precise positioning and pattern forming capabilities are perfect for robotic pick-and-place applications.

Shuttleworth systems integrate with robotic systems to create automated solutions for automotive, electronics, food & beverage, healthcare/ pharmaceutical, paper, personal care, printing & binding, and solar energy industries.

Having challenges making rate? Seem to require a larger robot due to product back pressure? Shuttleworth's low back pressure conveyor and staging process can improve product/part presentation and lower cycle times enabling the use of smaller and/or fewer robots for many automated processes.

Shuttleworth product handling solutions meet specific industry challenges and needs – providing improved profitability to the end user through creative and cost-effective solutions.

Features & Benefits

Low friction surface protects robot end of arm tooling when interfacing
Pattern forming for multi-pack capabilities and more products per pick reduces cycle times
Gentle product handling
Specialty devices and options available for better product presentation
Configurable conveyor surface for irregular products
Optimize assembly, case packing, machine tending and palletizing processes
Reliable solution requiring low maintenance

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