Shuttleworth Slip-Torque Roller Surface

Keep your production line rolling with Shuttleworth's patented Slip-Torque roller surface. The Shuttleworth Slip-Torque roller surface provides gentle product handling and operator safety every step of the way.

Slip-Torque works to preserve product integrity and with inherent design flexibility for integrated devices and surface configurations. No matter the product or facility environment, this Shuttleworth conveyor platform allows you to optimize your manufacturing and packaging processes to help keep operations at peak efficiency.

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Shuttleworth Slip-Torque Technology

Shuttleworth's innovative Slip-Torque roller technology creates very low back-pressure, enabling transport and accumulation of products without jamming, scuffing or shingling.

Shuttleworth Standard & Specialty Rollers

With over 200 different roller varieties, Shuttleworth makes a roller to fit your particular application.

Shuttleworth Surface & Design Flexibility

Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque roller technology allows can be customized with options including multi-lane, open center, reversing and bi-directional capabilities.

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