Shuttleworth Frame Designs

Shuttleworth, produces a variety of conveyor frame designs fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel and painted heavy-duty formed metal. Shuttleworth's durable and reliable conveyor equipment is designed to operate in some of the most challenging environments.

Shuttleworth conveyor frames are designed to meet your processing and product handling needs whether your process is classified as an industrial, oily, wipe down / washdown environment, or clean room and ESD applications.

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Shuttleworth Heavy-Duty Conveyor Frames

Shuttleworth heavy-duty formed metal conveyor designs to meet the standards of glass and solar panels, automotive parts, feeding machining centers, and other heavy-duty applications.

Shuttleworth Stainless Steel Conveyor Frames

Shuttleworth sanitary stainless steel conveyor frames are designed for food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Shuttleworth Aluminum Conveyor Frames

Shuttleworth anodized aluminum conveyors are designed for standard industrial, ESD and clean room applications.

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