Shuttleworth Metering, Indexing & Positioning Systems

Shuttleworth metering, indexing and positioning systems space out products for machine feeding, line control or robot picking.

Shuttleworth Merging & Combining Systems

Shuttleworth product merging and combining systems single file products, or combine multiple lanes into a single lane with custom combiners.

Shuttleworth Laning & Diverting Conveyors

Shuttleworth line of diverters, diverting conveyors and dividing conveyors move round or odd-shaped products from a single lane to multiple lanes.

Shuttleworth Rotating & Orientating Systems

Shuttleworth designs product positioning, orienting and rotating solutions to provide quick, safe, and automated product handling efficiency.

Shuttleworth Sorting & Rejecting Systems

Sort and reject products based on quality, UPC, and more with Shuttleworth product sorting and rejecting solutions.

Shuttleworth Stacking Systems

Shuttleworth down-stacking, up-stacking and de-stacking devices help optimize production line processes.

Shuttleworth Robot Ready Solutions

Shuttleworth low back pressure surface, custom devices with precise positioning and pattern forming capabilities are perfect for robotic pick-and-place applications.

Shuttleworth Flex-E-Pack Case Packing System

The Shuttleworth Flex-E-Pack is a single complete integrated packaging system designed to handle case forming, case packing and case sealing operations.

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