Shuttleworth Conveyor Devices & Options

Shuttleworth offers a wide array of specialty devices and options for a variety of application needs. Their unique Slip-Torque surface allows for many devices to be mounted below or within the surface, reducing the overall system footprint.

From transfers to product brakes, pushers to controls, Shuttleworth has options to meet your specific product or material handling application.

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Shuttleworth Corners & Curves

Shuttleworth offers tight radius corners, tapered roller turns and zero-tangent curve conveyors to maintain product orientation.

Shuttleworth Controls

Shuttleworth offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art electrical control options ranging from simple drive motors and sensors to turnkey electrical control systems.

Shuttleworth Guides

Shuttleworth flexible and fixed product guides perfectly guide products as required by the application.

Shuttleworth Pushers

Shuttleworth pushers are used to transfer products from one conveyor to another, for indexing, laning, braking, lifting, orienting and pattern forming.

Shuttleworth Lift-and-Transfer Devices

Shuttleworth lift-and-transfer devices provide a smooth and accurate product transfer at a right angle to the original transport direction.

Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops

Shuttleworth product stops and brakes allow stopping and starting product traffic without stopping and starting conveyor motors.

Shuttleworth Conveyor Gates

Shuttleworth gates are hinged sections of Slip-Torque conveyor that can easily be lifted, pivoted or slid open by workers for both routine access to and from work areas as well as for emergency escape.

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