Shuttleworth SmartFeed Wrapper & Case Packer Infeed Systems

Shuttleworth SmartFeed wrapper and case packer infeeds ensure proper product placement and timing while preventing product crushing or overfeeding of your packaging machine.

Shuttleworth SmartFeed systems are automatic wrapper and case packer feeding solutions for shrink wrappers, flow wrappers, cartoners, and case packers. The Shuttleworth Slip-Torque conveyor surface allows products to gently accumulate with low line pressure prior to the packaging machine. Products then release to machine flights without crushing accumulated products or overfeeding packaging machines.

With production rate capabilities from 1 to 150 products per minute, Shuttleworth SmartFeed wrapper and case packer infeeds are available in both aluminum and sanitary stainless steel designs to accommodate processing and product application needs.

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Shuttleworth Gated SmartFeed System

Shuttleworth Gated SmartFeed systems utilizes a product stop to synchronize the release of the product to the flighted infeed of a wrapper or case packer.

Shuttleworth Multi-Packer SmartFeed System

Shuttleworth Multi-Packer SmartFeed systems are designed to release consistent patterned product flow to wrapper or cartoner.

Shuttleworth Servo SmartFeed System

Shuttleworth Servo SmartFeed automatically synchronizes to the packaging machine so that products are precisely and consistently placed on the infeed of the wrapper or cartoner.

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