Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops

Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops

At a Glance

  • Stop and start product traffic without stopping and starting conveyors
  • Brake and pin stops
  • Overhead brakes
  • In-surface brakes

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Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops
Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops
Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops
Shuttleworth Brakes & Stops

Start and Stop Product Traffic without Stopping Conveyors

With Shuttleworth product stops and brakes, you can stop and start product traffic without stopping and starting conveyor motors or physically touching the sides of the product. Shuttleworth product brake and stop include below-surface-mounted devices like blade and pin stops, overhead and side mounted devices, and braking devices within the surface itself.

Features & Benefits

Gentle product stopping
Quiet and high-speed options
Allows product flow control without stopping conveyor drive motor or damaging the product
Standard Industrial and heavy washdown product stop designs available
Blade & Pin Stops

Most product stops are pneumatically-operated and mounted beneath the conveyor surface with a stainless steel blade or set of pins which extends above and retracts below the roller surface between roller shafts on command. Several styles are available including shock-absorbing and low profile versions.

Overhead Brakes

Customized product stops can also be mounted above the conveyor surface, as needs dictate. Because they are modular, product stops can be relocated and/or added as product handling needs change.

In-Surface Brakes

Shuttleworth in-surface brakes specially designed rollers are fitted with a "tire" or rubber sleeve. On command, a pneumatic cylinder equipped with a face plate pushes these rollers up against the bottom of the product to stop them and effectively brake any product which had been passing over that area of the conveyor surface.

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