Shuttleworth Rotating & Orientating Systems

Shuttleworth Rotating & Orientating Systems

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  • Turn, rotate, invert, up-end or position your products
  • Slow, moderate and high-speed capabilities
  • Quick, safe, and automated product handling efficiency

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Shuttleworth Rotating & Orientating Systems

Perfectly Position, Orient and Rotate Products

Put products where they need to be with Shuttleworth rotating and orienting capabilities.

Shuttleworth designs product positioning, orienting and rotating solutions to provide quick, safe, and automated product handling efficiency.

Proper product orientation within your production line is imperative and ensures correct handling and processing. Whether your product needs turned, rotated, inverted, up-ended or positioned, Shuttleworth orienting systems will ensure your product is in the right position.

Shuttleworth's variety of slow or high-speed rotation capabilities accommodate specific application requirements. For slower to moderate rate applications, Shuttleworth provides in-surface or side mounted bump turns, lift and rotate devices or engineer a split-surface conveyor to achieve the desired orientation. For high-speed product rotating and orienting applications, the Shuttleworth Servo Star Wheel device can change product orientation 90 or 180 degrees up to rates of over 200 products per minute.

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