Shuttleworth Aluminum Conveyor Frames

Shuttleworth anodized aluminum conveyors are designed for standard industrial, ESD and clean room applications. Whether you're in need of a conveyor for easier operator use, a clean room environment, or have a standard industrial application, Shuttleworth variety of anodized aluminum conveyor designs will meet your needs.

Shuttleworth robust conveyor systems with gentle handling Slip-Torque roller surface will compliment your line to help ensure you can reach and maintain optimum production efficiency while protecting product integrity.

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Shuttleworth Standard Aluminum Conveyors

Shuttleworth durable and flexible standard aluminum frame conveyors are the perfect solution for a variety of applications.

Shuttleworth Slip-Trak Ultra-Clean Conveyors

Shuttleworth Slip-Trak ultra clean conveyors are developed specifically for cleanroom and ESD applications.

Shuttleworth Express Conveyors

Shuttleworth Express conveyor units feature Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque surface and offer a substantial savings and shorter lead time over custom designed systems.

Shuttleworth Low-Profile Conveyors

Shuttleworth shallow-depth aluminum conveyors are designed for multi-level systems and operator ergonomics.

Shuttleworth Zone Control Conveyors

Shuttleworth Zone Control conveyors are ideal for moving fragile, delicate, motion-sensitive materials and products requiring no contact.

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