Shuttleworth Zone Control Conveyors

Shuttleworth Zone Control Conveyors

At a Glance

  • Ideal for moving fragile, motion-sensitive products requiring no product-to-product contact
  • Fabricated of ultra clean, non-outgassing components and materials
  • Double-sided positive roller drives can eliminate product crabbing or skewing

Move Fragile Products with No Contact

Shuttleworth Zone Control conveyors are ideal for moving fragile, delicate, motion-sensitive materials and products requiring no product-to-product contact.

Electronically controlled, these conveyors are constructed with Shuttleworth's Slip-Trak design, fabricated of ultra clean, non-outgassing components and materials. These conveyors can be configured to comply with and operate inside FED-STD 209E Class 1 (ISO Class 3) clean room environments.

Electrostatic discharge levels on the conveyor surface typically 25 volts or less (product and speed dependent). The surface can be tailored to ESD levels approaching one volt.

The Zone Control conveyor is safe, quiet, sleek and ergonomically friendly. Every roller on both sides of the conveyor is positively driven. This double-sided positive drive limits or eliminates product "crabbing" or skewing, even with distorted products/carriers. Zoned rollers are active only "on demand". When the product leaves a zone, all rollers turn off. Speed acceleration and deceleration can be customized. Each module is controlled by a PLC, within the conveyor frame. The independent modules allow for easy installation in new or reconfigured material handling lines and can be floor, sub-floor, in-plenum, ceiling or wall mounted.

The Shuttleworth Zone Control conveyor systems include conveyors, rotator/corner devices, vertical conveyors, horizontal and side transfers, and sets a new standard for ultra-clean, low-level ESD, non-contact accumulating material handling.

Features & Benefits

Low electrostatic discharge (ESD) surface offers ESD control (less than 2 V)
Modular design which can be mounted to subfloor, above floor, ceiling or enclosed space areas
Modules can be easily reconfigured for rebuilds or the rearranging of system layouts
Reduces product damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Open design allows free air flow, reduces air turbulence and permits easy tooling access
Gentle product handling
Zones can be altered

Ideal Industries & Applications

Low vibration
Disk & flash drives
Fragile surface material products


Available Drives Individual DC drives
Available Roller Sizes 32 mm
Lengths 250mm to 2000mm, zone dependent
(Conveyable Surface)
Custom, Open Center
Environment ISO 4, Class 10 Cleanroom

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