Shuttleworth Surface & Design Flexibility

Shuttleworth Surface & Design Flexibility

At a Glance

  • Designed for an engineered custom product handling solution
  • Can be customized with multi-lane, open center, reversing and bi-directional capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate devices without additional drives or conveyors

Easily Customize a Perfect Product Handling System

Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque roller technology allows for customization and integration. Within a single frame, systems can be designed with options including multi-lane, open center, reversing and bi-directional capabilities. The segmented roller surface also allows for a fully-customized surface down to the roller for a product application.

Slip-Torque conveyors can also be integrated with custom devices and options to create your own engineered product handling solution. The inherent design allows for some devices to be built within the conveyor surface, seamlessly integrated without the need for additional drives or conveyors. Devices and surface configuration can be determined by the functional requirement of the application.

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