MFT Automation HCP Friction Feeder

MFT Automation HCP Friction Feeder

At a Glance

  • Upgrade the 250ip and 350ip feeders
  • Expanded performance and accuracy
  • Unifies high-performance parts with specially tuned software
  • High linear speeds and tighter placement

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MFT Automation HCP Friction Feeder Multifeeder Discharges

Faster Speeds, Tighter Placement

The MFT Automation High Continuous Performance (HCP) friction feeder expands on the performance and accuracy already built into the Multifeeder Industrial Performance (ip) Series friction feeders.

Available as an MFT 250hcp and 350hcp, this friction feeder is an upgrade of the 250ip and 350ip feeders. The HCP feeder unifies high-performance parts with specially tuned software. This high continuous performance feeding machine will allow you to take your production to the next level of productivity. High linear speeds and tighter placement equate to more product throughput.


Improved Product Handling: Tighter control where your product is placed
Better Product Handling: More consistent separation and spacing
Faster Linear Speed: Increased control gives you the ability to run at faster speeds
Higher Product Throughput: Faster linear speed equals more prodcuts per minute
Quicker Changeover: Center justified machine engraved side plate mount and precision Siko counter
Smoother Operation: Increased consistency through tighter product handling and speedier changeover provides for a smoother overall operation

Typical Applications

Extended content leaflets
Where placement is critical
Web tipping
Gift card
Contract packaging industry
Finishing industry
Pharmaceutical industry

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