Take-A-Label Labeling Equipment

Professional Packaging Systems proudly represents Take-A-Label labeling machines. Take-A-Label offers a variety of affordable label dispensers, applicators, and rewinders. Each durable labeling machine is manufactured to meet any business's low to medium volume labeling requirements.

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Take-A-Label Applicators

Pro Pac offers Take-A-Label's dependable line of compact label applicators that are designed to be used where space is at a premium. Round-product applicators will label virtually any cylindrical product. Tamp applicators tamp flat and oval labels in place. Affordable wipe-on label applicators are industrial grade and easy to operate.

Take-A-Label Dispensers

Take-A-Label semi-automatic label dispensers utilize all steel frame construction. The stainless steel models are designed especially for controlled environments such as medical, dairy, and food industries. Manual label dispensers are ideal for applications where power may not be available.

Take-A-Label Rewinders

Take-A-Label rewinders automatically wind up label stock as it is provided. Made with durable all-steel frames protected with a powder coat finish, these machines offer years of trouble free service.

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