Inline Filling Systems Vibratory Cap Pre-Feeder

Inline Filling Systems Vibratory Bottle Cap Pre-Feeder

At a Glance

  • Meters bottle caps into a centrifugal sorting bowl
  • Prevents the centrifugal sorter bowl from jamming with too many caps
  • Stainless steel and UHMW plastic construction

Sort Bottle Caps from Large Bulk Hopper

Inline Filling Systems vibratory cap pre-feeder is used to meter caps into the centrifugal sorting bowl at a rate consistent with the sorters output.

This pre-feeder is necessary to prevent the centrifugal sorter bowl from jamming by having too many caps present. Not recommended for large caps greater than 70mm.


Stainless steel and UHMW plastic construction.
Variable feed rates attained by a small air operated vibrator.
Capacity 4 cubic feet (approx. 3 cubic feet working capacity).

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