nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS Multi-Pack Shrink Bundler

nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS-6000 Multi-Pack Shrink Bundler

At a Glance

  • Product accumulation, tray/pad forming, loading, and film overwrapping in a single compact system
  • Cost-effective for material and labor
  • Up to 45 bundles per minute
  • Print-registered or clear film
  • Rugged construction

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nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS-6000 Multi-Pack Shrink Bundler
nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS-6000 Multi-Pack Shrink Bundler Product Run
nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS-6000 Multi-Pack Shrink Bundler Finished Product Packages

Registered-Print Supported or Unsupported Product Bundling

nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS Series continuous-motion inline combination shrink wrapping machines are designed to serve a wide range of industries. At speeds up to 45 bundles per minute, this rugged system helps minimize labor requirements and increases production output.

The system offers built in flexibility for quick changeover between running unsupported product, to product on a pad or on tray.

By combining product accumulation, tray/pad forming, loading and film overwrapping into a single compact system, the BPTS is well suited to handle a wide range of product configurations and applications including: plastic bottles, cans, boxes, folding cartons, bags and glass jars.

nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPTS Series machines are easily integrated into new and existing production lines with other Arpac packaging equipment.


Printed film registration for accurate placement of printed graphics
Heavy-duty frame construction with welded joints for high durability
Fully guarded for safety and easy access
Gentle product handling for tall bottles and other unstable products
Servo-driven film feed can adapt to a wide range of film lengths and is low maintenance
Inline film rack and film splicing bar for quick and easy film changeover
Allen-Bradley programmable controller
Arpac operator interface features a color touchscreen with message display and self-diagnostics
Pass through mode can be activated when wrapper is not operating, eliminating need for bypass conveyor
Cooling section at the tunnel exit
Low film alert warns that a changeover may soon be necessary
Central point lubrication for routine maintenance without stopping production
Right or left hand operator station and film rack is available
Variety of infeed and product accumulation devices available


Variety of infeed and product accumulation designs available
Machine mounted jib crane to facilitate film loading
Side product transfer to infeed for crowd feeding of product
Lane divider for positive control of lane filling
Dual lane configuration for higher speeds

Example Products

Folding cartons
Glass bottles
Glass jars
Grease tubes
Liquid filled boxes
Pad supported
Plastic bottles
Tray supported

BPTS-6000 Specifications

Speed: Up to 45 bundles per minute
Electrical: 460 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
Air: 80 psi, 30 SCFM at 45 CPM

Product Specifications

Width (across machine): 6" to 18"
Length (flow direction): 6" to 12"
Height Range: 3" to 12"
Support: Tray, pad or film only
Tray wall height: 1.5" to 2.5"

Film Specifications

Roll Diameter: Up to 20"
Gauge: 1.25 to 2.0 mil
Roll Width: 10" to 30"
Type: Low density polyethylene
Clear, print registered or randomly printed film
Core of film roll: Up to 3"

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