nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW Shingle Wrapper

nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW-5000 Shingle Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Designed for the roofing shingle industry
  • Cost effective for material and labor
  • Up to 45 bundles per minute
  • Print-registered or clear film
  • Rugged construction

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nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW-5000 Shingle Wrapper
nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW-5000 Shingle Wrapper Product Run
nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW-5000 Shingle Wrapper Product Run
nVenia Arpac Brandpac BPSW-5000 Shingle Wrapper Packaged Product

High-Speed Registered-Print Shingle Bundling

Brandpac BPSW Series high-speed, bottom overlap multi-packing systems specifically designed for the Roofing Shingle Industry, or other wide product applications.

Shrink film is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to paperboard for the shingle industry. At a fraction of the cost of paperboard, printed film provides an attractive forum for your retail marketing message. Shrink is also more favorable than paperboard in protecting the product when stored outside. Shrink provides better moisture control giving the product longer shelf life.

The Brandpac BPSW operates on demand, without a seal bar, to produce up to 45 shrink wrapped bundles per minute (depending upon application).


Speeds up to 50 bundles per minute
Heavy-duty frame construction with welded joints for high durability
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
Servo controlled precise overwrap system
A unique film feed system dispenses, on demand, single sheets of film cut to size from a single print registered film roll
Dual side mounted film rack with splice bar and spare film roll to reduce down time
Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary
Arpac operator interface featuring a color touch screen with message display and self diagnostics
Central point lubrication allowing routine maintenance without stopping production
Integrated shrink tunnel with a triple turbo cooling unit expedites film curing and stabilizes product in the package as it cools the shrink wrapped shingles
Tough polyurethane belt on acceleration and overwrap conveyors
Uses clear or print-registered polyethylene shrink film


Optional side smoothing rollers at tunnel discharge
These machines are customized to your product specification

Example Products

Ceiling tiles
Corrugated board
Roofing shingles

Machine Specifications

Speed: Up to 50 packages per minute
Electrical: 460 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 250 A, 47 kW (BPSW-5201), 77 kW (BPSW-5301)
Air: 80 psi, 60 CPM

Product Specifications

Width (across machine): 30" to 42"
Length (flow direction): 7" to 14.5"
Height Range: 2.25" to 4"

Film Specifications

Roll Diameter: Up to 24"
Gauge: 1.5 to 4 mil
Roll Width: Up to 52"
Type: Low density polyethylene
Clear or randomly printed
Single-wound film roll

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