Arpac Shrink Bundling Equipment

Arpac's shrink bundling equipment optimizes speed and floor space with around-the-clock reliability. Arpac's shrink bundling machines are designed for a variety of products, including very large products, such as tables, shingles, and doors; random stacks of magazines, catalogs, books, and brochures; food and dairy products; as well as health, beauty, and pharmaceutical products.

Arpac 55GI Shrink Bundler for Printing & Publishing

Arpac's industry-leading 55GI shrink bundler meets the needs of low to medium volume printers and interacts with today's 18,000 to 20,000 books-per-hour binding lines, presorted postal route sequencing applications and the printing industry's fastest counter-stackers.

Arpac 75GI Shrink Bundler for Printing & Publishing

Shrink wrapping up to 75 bundles per minute, Arpac's servo-driven 75GI shrink bundler wraps random stacks of magazines,catalogs, books, directories, brochures and other printed materials on-demand, without interrupting production.

Arpac 104, 104D, 204, and 45CM Flight Bar Shrink Bundlers

Arpac's Flight Bar Shrink Bundlers offer quick and versatile multipacking. These inline flight bar bundlers feature a lane dividing infeed system that dispenses products into a preconfigured number of rows, producing the desired multipack.

Arpac 105-70 Shrink Bundler for Oversized Products

The heavy duty 105-70 inline shrink bundler is designed to handle large products accommodating a maximum film width of 89 inches.

Arpac 105, 112, 115, and 125 Shrink Bundlers

Designed to handle an array of stable products, these inline shrink bundling machines are ideal for shrink bundling nearly any flat product, including very large products, such as tables, chairs, shingles, doors, windows and pizza boxes.

Arpac 106, 116, and 216 Horizontal Z-Flow Shrink Bundlers

Arpac's fully automatic horizontal Z-Flow bundlers offer the perfect way to collate products. These machines utilize two product rams to create an offset inline flow, and are commonly used for collating and wrapping bottles, bags and small cartons.

Arpac 107 and 117 Vertical Z-Flow Shrink Bundlers

Arpac's fully automatic Vertical Z-Flow Shrink Bundlers optimize speed and floor space. These machines employ a lifter to group products and a ram to push the grouped products through the shrink film.

Arpac 108, 118, 128, 218, 228, and 58CM Right Angle Bundlers

Arpac's fully automatic right angle bundlers are ideal for unsupported products. These machines utilize a ram to stabilize and push the product through a web of shrink film.

Arpac 108F-32 Shrink Bundler

Specially designed and built for dairy and food processing environments, the Arpac 108F is a compact, right angle shrink bundling system designed to collate and over-wrap multiple configurations of scrounds, rounds, squares, pints, quarts, cans and other food containers.

Arpac 708 Shrink Bundler

The intermittent motion Arpac 708 Series shrink bundlers are a line of fully automatic right angle infeed, pneumatically operated shrink bundling systems. The 708 Series is ideal for collating and sleeve wrapping grouped or stacked products.

Arpac 708HB-16 Shrink Bundler

The intermittent motion 708HB shrink bundler with integral tunnel is designed specifically for today's health, beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. Ultra-compact in design, the 708HB shrink bundler is capable of shrink wrapping up to 30 bundles per minute.

Arpac 708HBD-32 Shrink Bundler

The compact intermittent motion Arpac 708HBD-32 stainless steel shrink bundler multi-packs health and beauty supplies and pharmaceutical products at speeds up to 60 bundles per minute.

Arpac 737C Shrink Bundler

With a straight through infeed, this semi-automatic 737C Shrink Bundler shrink wraps individual and random group sizes and packages. The 20" seal jaw opening allows the 737C to accommodate a wide range of product sizes up to 35" wide, 16" long and 20" high.

Arpac AGR Shrink Bundler for Dairy Products

The model AGR-Series is specifically designed and built for dairy and food processing. This compact, right-angle shrink bundling system collates and over-wraps multiple arrangements of scrounds, rounds, squares, pints, quarts, cans and other food containers in a single or dual lane configuration.