Arpac 737C Shrink Bundler

Arpac 737C Manually Operated Shrink Bundler

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At a Glance

  • Designed for a wide range of random product sizes
  • Built for distribution centers
  • Powered top and bottom film rolls

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Automatically Bundle Wrap Intermixed Random Packages

With a straight-through infeed, this semi-automatic 737C shrink bundler shrink wraps individual and random group sizes and packages.

The 20" seal jaw opening allows the 737C to accommodate a wide range of product sizes up to 35" wide, 16" long and 20" high.

Designed for applications where high speeds are not a requirement, the Arpac 737C is perfectly suited for on-line packaging or off-load production and distribution. The 737C can be used with the HVP4/488 shrink tunnel to obtain optimum shrink on the finished bundle.


Electronically controlled system ensures smooth operation and easy integration into existing production facilities
Safety system on seal jaws prevents seal jaw or package damage in case of product jams
Adjustable seal bar opening allows operator to raise or lower seal line to improve package appearance
Both top and bottom film rolls are powered and automatically adjust to varying depths and heights of intermixed bundles
Film type: Single-wound polyethylene
Steel-It paint provides scratch resistant surfaces and prevents corrosion


Stainless steel construction
Extended discharge for long packages

Example Products

Trayed products