Arpac Brandpac BPTW-5000 Tray Bundler

Arpac Brandpac BPTW-5000 Tray Wrapper with Print Registered

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Arpac Brandpac BPTW-5000 Tray Wrapper with Print Registered

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High-Speed Registered-Print Tray Bundling

The Brandpac BPTW-5000 shrink wrapping machine creates perfect shrink wrapped tray supported packages using single roll print registered polyethylene film.

The BPTW-5000 shrink wrapper ensures accurate placement of graphics on each package with a bull's eye enclosure. This versatile system handles multiple product sizes and package configurations, on demand, at speeds up to 90 trays per minute.

An integrated hot plate shrink tunnel creates an attractive finished product with minimal graphic distortion. The BPTW-5000 shrink wrapper offers quick and easy product and film changeovers in less than 30 minutes with a user-friendly operator interface.

The BPTW-5000 is ideal to meet the demands of the high-volume food and beverage industry.

Features of the Brandpac BPTW-5000

Speeds up to 70 products per minute
Servo controlled precise overwrap system
Bottom airflow tunnel creates an attractive finished product
Low film alert to warn of a film changeover
Print registered film capability
Heavy-duty shrink tunnel with bottom airflow
Arpac's operator interface features a color touch screen with message display and self diagnostics
Central point lubrication allows for routine maintenance without stopping production
Steel-It paint provides scratch resistant surfaces and prevents corrosion
Adjustable flight bar for full range of product sizes
Continuous motion wrapper
Single frame heavy duty welded construction with laser cut components for maximum precision and around-the-clock operation
NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls
Dual 20" diameter side mounted film rackes with splice bar
Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with Arpac standard operator interface
Digital controls for conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings for fast accurate setup when changing product size and film


NEMA 4X electrical cabinet/controls

Example Products

Cans or bottles in trays