All Together: Form, Pack, Seal, Label & Print

Little David PackPoint Station

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Maximize Your Packaging Productivity

  • Reduce labor and operating costs
  • Increase efficiency and throughput
  • Eliminate ergonomic risk factors

Loveshaw’s PackPoint system combines primary product delivery, a case erector, pick and pack hand packing station, case sealer, and optional printer and labeler. This efficient system brings together five job functions in one compact packaging station.

Eliminate Ergonomic Risk Factors

With the fully automatic PackPoint system, cases are presented to the operator at pack height with a touch sensor. There is less bending and twisting for the operator.

Increase Production

With more efficient use of labor, more packages are formed, packed, sealed, and printed or labeled. If needed for promotional or season surges, the PackPoint station allows for more personnel to be added to increase output even more.

Small Footprint

All activity happens within a compact footprint. Though various combinations of machines are possible, the small footprint is capable of processing up to 15 cases a minute depending on the operator's dexterity and types of product.

Customize and Grow

We can help you customize your own PackPoint station. Choose from our selection of case formers, product delivery systems, case sealers, printers, and labelers to configure the ideal packaging station for your business. As you business grows, your packaging line may change. PackPoint is the only system made from separate fully functional pieces. This modular system gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or change to other equipment to fit your needs.

Fully-Automatic PackPoint Station

  • Primary product delivery
  • Touch sensor presents case to operator
  • In-line fully automatic case erector
  • Chain and lug drive ensures a square case
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjusts to meet most conveyor heights
  • Heavy duty steel construction

Semi-Automatic PackPoint Station

  • Primary product delivery
  • CF-5 pneumatic case former
  • Large box range
  • Quick changeover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjusts to meet most conveyor heights
  • CAC-60 tape cartridge
  • Available in stainless steel