Starview CBS Fully Automatic Blister Sealer

Starview CBS Fully Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

At a Glance

  • Designed for high volume inline blister packaging
  • Includes automatic card feeder, blister feeder, and finished package unloader
  • Extra large format 14 x 28 inch sealing area
  • Standard 7 open stations for product loading or other automation
  • Heavy-duty industrial design and construction
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Starview CBS Fully Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

High Volume In-Line Blister Packaging

Starview CBS Series automated inline conveyor type blister sealing machines are ideal for high volume or JIT production. Given the proper conditions these machines are capable of up to 20 cycles per minute in production.

The automated inline conveyor blister sealing machines are built with the capability to feed blisters, blister cards, and discharge finished packages when proper tooling is installed.

With 7 open loading stations, these machines are ideal for automated product loading or where multiple items are to be placed in a single package.

Starview's CBS Series automated inline conveyor type blister sealing machines can be designed to include optional features such as additional automatic feeders, pick and place transfer mechanisms on finished package out-feed and discharge conveyors. Additional PLC I/Os may be added for interface with customer supplied systems.

Machines with other sealing areas and different numbers of stations are also available.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your blister sealing equipment.

Specifications of CBS Blister Sealers

Specifications CBS30-1428
Maximum Sealing Area 14" x 28"
Sealing Fixtures 30
Open Loading Stations 7
Blister Feeder Standard
Card Feeder Standard
Finished Package Unloader Gravity drop standard, transfer mechanism optional
Maximum Blister Depth 3.5"
Average Cycle Speed 1 - 20 CPM
Approximate Size 228"W x 60"D x 67"H
Approximate Weight 5,000 lbs

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