Starview RB6 Semi-Automatic Blister Sealer

Starview RB6 Semi-Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

At a Glance

  • Economical price without compromising quality or features
  • 4 and 6 station models offered
  • AC Variable frequency/precision cam index table drive
  • Excellent for contract packagers, workshops, and OEMs
  • PLC machine control with simple knob and dial operator interface
  • Heavy-duty industrial design
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Starview RB6 Semi-Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

6-Station Blister Sealer for More Parts per Package

Starview RB rotary type blister sealers are designed for medium to higher volume production requirements where an economical but simple to operate machine is required. These machines may be used for conventional carded blisters, full face blisters, as well as applications using Tyvek, foils, and other heat sealable lidstock.

The RB Series sealers are available as 4 station models with a 14" x 18" sealing area and 6 station models with a 12" x 14" sealing area. The standard machines feature one sealing station with the remaining stations used for load/unload stations.

If your blister packages have only one or two distinct parts, the RB4 has loading stations for one or two operators, and a larger sealing area for more packages per cycle. If your packages have multiple different parts, the RB6 sealer has more loading stations for additional operators.

Optional features for Starview RB blister sealers include casters for portability and an electronic cycle counter to record production volumes.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your blister sealing equipment.

Specifications of RB Blister Sealers

Specifications RB4-1418 RB6-1214
Sealing Area 14" x 18" 12" x 14"
Open Loading Stations 3 5
Maximum Blister Depth 3.25" 3.25"
Average Cycle Speed 1 - 8 CPM 1 - 8 CPM
Electrical 208-240 Volts / 1 Phase / 16 Amps 115 Volts / 1 Phase / 20 Amps
208-240 Volts / 1 Phase / 16 Amps

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your blister sealing equipment.

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