Pearson CS40 Case Sealer

Pearson CS40 Case Sealer

At a Glance

  • 40 to 67 cases per minute
  • Fully-automatic
  • Seals with tape or hot melt glue

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Pearson CS40 Case Sealer
Pearson CS40 Case Sealer servo drive
Pearson CS40 Case Sealer trailing minor flap kicker
Pearson CS40 Case Sealer glue application
Pearson CS40 Case Sealer glue compression rollers
Pearson CS40 Case Sealer independent side belts with patented synchronous drive

Fully Automatic Case Sealing Up to 67 per Minute

Pearson CS40 case sealers are fully-guarded, and available in either mild or stainless steel construction. The CS40 top seals a wide-range of case sizes with hot melt glue at speeds of 40 to 67 cases per minute depending on case length.

A convenient bypass option eliminates the need for additional conveying when pre-sealed boxes or HSCs are introduced into the line. Advanced features such as high-visibility machine status lighting, non-contact interlocks, CAT-3 Safety Circuits, an easily accessible grace port and an auxiliary operator station are standard on the machine.


Optimal Case Infeed Gaps: A built-in metering stop creates gaps between cases without the need to adjust infeed conveyor speed for each case.

Case Squareness Protection: Spring loaded synchronous compensating side belts and squaring wheels ensure cases remain square throughout the closing and sealing process.

Secure Glue Bond: Urethane compression wheels guarantee a secure glue bond prior to the case exiting the machine by providing variable, regulatable pressure for compressing the glue lines.

Detect Tape Related Errors: Sensors detect fail-to apply, fail-to-cut and low tape situation.

Fast Changeover: Fast changeovers are supported by the industry's most advanced HMI with an uncluttered design, intuitive navigation, interactive changeover and fault-recovery guides, live sensor maps and advanced maintenance features. Scales, pointers and quick release handles ensure additional tools are not necessary. Trained technicians can complete a changeover in under 3min.

Reduced Air Consumption, Less Maintenance, Higher Speeds: Servo-controlled trailing flap kicker increases speed, component longevity and reduces expensive air consumption by replacing air cylinders.>

Bypass Option for Pre-Sealed Boxes or Without Tops: No need to build by-pass conveyors when running cases not requiring sealing.

Safety Redundancy with CAT 3: Dual channel safety circuit maintains integrity of safety features in case of single component failure.

Highly Reliable Non-Contact Interlocks: Eliminates misalignment of guard door interlocks which prevents problems common to keyed interlocks.

High-Visibility Machine Status: A standard four-light LED beacon and multi-color interior machine lighting provides high-visibility of machine status.

Easily Accessible Grace Port: Grace ports provide convenient communication access and 110V convenience outlet at the outside of the machine’s electrical cabinet.

Convenient Dual Access to Machine: An auxiliary operator station enables machine control on both sides of the conveyor.

Remote Access Capability: Allows Pearson’s support team on-demand access to the equipment’s PLC and HMI through a secure VPN connection via an eWON router (ISECOM STAR and ISO27001 certified) to support emergency troubleshooting and reduce on-site visits.


Additional tape head
Air conditioner
Bottom tape
Glue on demand system
High-capacity adhesive feeder
Low temperature environment
Oversized and undersized case support
Plant level ethernet connection

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Speed 40 to 67 cases/min
Min. Case Size 8"L x 5"W x 4.75"H
Extended case size range available
Max. Case Size 24"L x 16"W x 18.5"H
Extended case size range available
Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive
Operation Servo
Changeover Manual, supported by HMI graphical guided instructions and changeover map, scales, pointers, and quick release handles. 3 min (estimate for trained technician)
Construction Low pressure washdown
Mild steel
Stainless steel
Machine Size Range (ft) 11 - 14.5'L x 5'W x 5'H
Controls Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
PackML Compliant
PanelView Color HMI
Air Requirements 80 PSI
Power Requirements 460 VAC
Disconnect Sizes 30 Amps
Air Consumption Glue: 0.100 SCF/Cycle
Tape: 0.046 SCF/Cycle
FLA (Full Load Amp) of Base Machine Glue: 25.2 Amps
Tape: 15.1 Amps
Case Support CSSC

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your case sealing equipment.

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