MFT Automation VacTrac Discharge

MFT Automation VacTrac Discharge

At a Glance

  • Combines product separation and vacuum conveyance into one compact system
  • Products accurately travels down the discharge with entire top side exposed for a secondary application such as labeling, RFID, thermal, printing, etc.
  • Utilizes proven computer-controlled, servo-driven technology

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MFT Automation VacTrac Discharge

Batch Count and Accumulate with Friction Feeders

The MFT Automation VacTrac Discharge combines product separation and vacuum conveyance into one compact system. Providing an open area on the discharge with the product control of a vacuum belt, the VacTrac is the perfect platform for and pick-and-place presentation, print-and-apply labeling, ink jet and laser imprinting, whole product verification applications.

The VacTrac Discharge machine allows product to accurately travel down the discharge while exposing the entire top side of passing product for a secondary application such as labeling, RFID, thermal, printing, edge-to-edge, and print-and-apply labeling. This design economically adds versatility and flexibility to companies looking for comprehensive solutions, while saving production line space for these secondary applications.


Inline Design: Consolidates multiple steps into one efficient inline process potentially eliminating secondary operations and equipment to maximize prodcution output.
Proven Reliability: Utilizes proven computer-controlled, servo-driven technology as used in MFT friction feeders to provide years of exceptional productivity.
Flexibility: Heavy-duty adjustable stand provides mobile and production flexibility, allowing equipment to be used where you need it, when you need it.
User-Friendly Design: Visual setup graphics and optional Siko dials allow quick changeover.

Typical Applications

Ink jet application
Print-and-apply applications
Laser applications
Product verification
Product inspection
Space constraints
Budget considerations

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