Take-A-Label TAL-610R Label Rewinder

Take-A-Label TAL-610R Label Rewinder

At a Glance

  • Automatically winds label stock up to 6.5 inches wide
  • Works with almost any label printer
  • Stand-alone rewind system for rewinding pre-printed labels
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Automatically Wind Labels up to 6.5" Wide

The TAL-610R will work with almost any label printer. Automatically winding up label stock as it is provided. The unit features a 3" expandable core. Allowing the operator to quickly and easily change rolls.

The TAL-610R can also be used as a stand-alone rewind system for rewinding pre-printed labels when used in conjunction with the TAL-100HD unwind stand. Using a solid state control board for increased reliability, and the standard all steel and aluminum construction the TAL-610R will give you the quality product you have come to expect from Take-A-Label machines.

Label Specifications

Label roll diameter up to 12"
3" core

Machine Specifications

6.5" web capacity
Durable all steel frame with powder coat finish
Adjustable torque switch
Inside and outside roll guides
Web speed up to 25 IPS


Speed adjusting dancer arm

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