Volumetric Technologies Automatic Pail Filling Systems

Volumetric Technologies Automatic Pail Filling Systems

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  • Fill pails by net weight or by volume
  • A variety of servo-controlled pump and piston filler options
  • Full line includes de-nester, filler, indexing conveyor, and lid applicator

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Volumetric Technologies Automatic Pail Filling Systems

Accurately Fill Pails by Weight or by Volume

Volumetric Technologies automatic pail filling systems are designed to accurately fill a variety of products by net weight or by volume into any size pail.

Products range from salsa, salad dressings, oils, personal care products, chocolate sauce, honey, soups, fruit fillings, BBQ sauce, pancake batters, muffin batters, paints, industrial lubricants, pasta sauces and more.

Net weight pail filling machines have a variety of servo-controlled pump and piston filler options, ensuring the right assembly to fill your products.

Automatic Pail Filling Line Operation

The fully-automatic pail filling equipment will de-nest your tubs or pails onto the conveying line. The line indexes your containers to the filling station, where the filling system fills your container. Once the load cell weight or volumetric fill is satisfied, the pails are released where they will travel downstream to be lidded.

Lids can either be hand-placed or automatically de-nested. Once the lid is placed onto the pail, the pail will continue down the conveyor through an automatic lid press, which will snap the lid onto the pail.


Closed top conveyor utilizing stainless steel construction
High resolution load cell assembly for accurate fills
Adjustable for all container sizes
High to low speed fill sequence
Ease-of-use with touchscreen HMI


Multiple pump options
Automatic lid de-nester
Bottom-up filling for foaming products
Polished stainless steel construction
Stainless steel load cell
Stainless steel gearbox / motor
Stainless steel control enclosures


Power Requirements: Air and electric varies
Fill Volume: 1 gallon – 5 gallons
Speed: Up to 20 cycles per minute
Particulate Size: Up to 2" diameter
Wash Down: Full wash down

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