Scandia 350 Overwrapper

Scandia 350 Overwrapper

At a Glance

  • Intermittent or continuous-motion operation
  • Accommodates a wide range of low-profile rectangular products
  • Compact 4' x 6' footprint
  • Scaled adjustment points for fast and precise repeat setups
  • Up to 35 cycles per minute

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Scandia 350 Overwrapper
Scandia 350 Overwrapper
Scandia 350 Overwrapper

Intermittent or Continuous Motion Overwrapping

The Scandia 350 overwrapper produces a cosmetic-style of overwrap. The 350 overwrapping system is available as intermittent or continuous motion operation to accommodate production demands.

This overwrapper's compact 4' x 6' footprint permits integration into the smallest packaging lines. The modular design of this machine infeed allows interfacing with cartoning, case packing machines, and other equipment.

These fast, flexible machines accommodate a wide range of low-profile rectangular products. Depending on package size or bundle configuration, this model achieves speeds up to 35 cycles per minute.

Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty welded tubular frame
Single film reel
Stepper motor film feed drive with dial adjustment
Scaled adjustment points for fast and precise repeat setups
All ball-bearing construction for smooth, for a smooth and quiet operation with minimum maintenance
Electronically interlocked guards for operator safety
Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC
Compact footprint
Three-dimensional changeover in less than 20 minutes
Single level sealing eliminates wear and mechanical complexity
Wide package size ranges


The product is presented to the machine by an automatic infeed device
An infeed sensor starts a reciprocating infeed pusher which carries the product through the vertical film sheet, causing it to wrap around the product
As the product moves through the film to the folding mechanism, the film feed and rotary knife is activated
A new sheet is placed into position at the proper length for the next package as the reciprocating pusher returns to home position
Upper and lower vertical shuttles complete the sleeving of the film as a heat bar creates the film overlap seal
Each package pushes the preceding package through a folding and tucking section that makes an envelope fold on both ends of the package
The product then moves into reciprocating heaters that seal the two sides of the package


Opening tape applicator
Automatic infeeds
Automatic collators
Code markers
Printed film registration


Baked goods
Frozen foods
Consumer goods
Tobacco goods

Package Sizes

Height Width Length
Min 1"/ 25mm 4" / 101mm 2" / 50mm
Max 4"/ 101mm 12" / 304mm 6" / 152mm

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