Arpac Arbot Robotic Palletizer

Arpac RPC Robotic Palletizer

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  • Load cases, trays, bags and many other products onto pallets
  • Multi-axis articulated arm with customizable end-of-arm tooling
  • Compact foot print
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Arpac RPC Robotic Palletizer

Arpac Arbot robotic palletizers are an efficient solution for loading cases, trays, bags and many other products onto pallets at the end of your packaging line. Featuring a multi-axis articulated arm, robotic palletizers are highly flexible and offer reliable operation. Fast, pre-programmed changeovers and customizable end-of-arm tooling allow robotic palletizers to easily palletize a variety of products and pallet patterns.

Robotic palletizers easily handle products, forming the desired pallet pattern and layer stacks onto pallets in a tight uniform configuration. Both the pattern configuration and layer counts can be quickly changed over for different product sizes.


Motoman 5 axis robot integrated with PAC-Series
110lb arm capacity with interchangeable producthandling tools
Motoman designed computer processor
Automated pallet dispensor
Heavy-duty pallet transfer conveyer
Arpac PAC-4R5 pallet stretch wrap system
Allen-Bradley 1400 MicroLogix PLC
Allen-Bradley PanelView user-friendly HMI with built inself-diagnostics and stack light
Fast and easy product changeover
Compact foot print to suit your production requirements
Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and around-the-clock operation
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
Powder coat finish providing a durable scratch-resistant surface


Slip sheet applicator
Various other options per customer requirements

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