Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizer

Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizer

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Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizer Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizer Loading Cases onto Pallets Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizer Pallet Dispensing Pearson RPC Robotic Handling Multiple Cases

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Multi-Axis Articulated Arm Robot for Specific Palletizing

The Pearson RPC Robotic Palletizing Cell is a custom solution for specific project requirements and plant layouts. Featuring a multi-axis articulated arm robot, all RPC models are highly flexible and offer reliable operation. Fast, pre-programmed changeovers and customizable end-of-arm tooling allow the RPC to easily palletize a variety of products and pallet patterns.


Custom designed for each project requirements and plant layout
Flexibility to palletize a variety of product and pallet patterns
Fully-interlocked perimeter guard package
Multiple infeed/discharge configurations
Flexibility to palletize multiple lines with a single robot
Customizable end-of-arm tooling
PanelView color HMI operator interface


Automatic end of arm tool changeover
LED Beacons
Oversized and undersized cases
Controls integration
Remote access router
Auxiliary operator stations
Heavy case metering
Grace port
Plant level ethernet connection

Output Capabilities

Multiple pallets
Pallet conveying
Applying slip sheets
Complex pallet patterns

Product Handling / Pack Configurations

Multi-line palletizing with single robot or multiple robots
Pallet conveying
Flexible and programmable palletizing patterns


Highly reliable robotic arm design with MTBF of over 120,000 hours


PackML compliant
UL listed control panel