FL Tecnics FL 1.4B & 1.7B Rollstock Pouching Systems

FL Tecnics FL 1.4B & 1.7B HFFS Rollstock Pouching Systems

At a Glance

  • Compact, robust & durable pouching machinery
  • Efficient pouch opening system
  • Different product fillers
  • Easy and fast change over
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FL Tecnics FL 1.4B & 1.7B HFFS Rollstock Pouching Systems
FL Tecnics FL 1.4B & 1.7B HFFS Rollstock Pouching Systems Pouch Samples
FL Tecnics FL 1.4B & 1.7B HFFS Rollstock Pouching Systems Pouch Types

Extremely Versatile Pouching System

FL Tecnics compact FL 1.4B & FL 1.7B rollstock pouching machines incorporate the newest generation of electronic components and mechanicals. These robust, reliable pouching systems offer the same features as FL Tecnics bigger series: quick and easy changeover, filling accuracy, and perfect package finishes.

The FL 1.4B and FL 1.7B pouching machines are extremely flexible, handling a wide range of formats and sizes including: 3-4 sides sachets, single or twin, central perforation, running simplex or duplex configurations.

Features & Benefits

Low maintenance costs
Robust stainless steel construction
Latest technology and software
Remote access
Expanding Reel Shaft
Easy reel loading
Measuring ruler and end of reel sensor
Pneumatical pressure adjustment
Easy and Fast Change Over
Pneumatic control of film tension
Motorized bottom and vertical sealing bars
Monoblock group formed by motorized film feed unit and scissors
HMI recipes screen
Efficient Pouch Opening System
Mechanical pouch opening group combined by 3 systems
Top suction cups
Blowing tube
Mechanical pouch lineal closing grippers
Machine Frame In Stainless Steel AISI 304
Sanitary design, frontal plate without housings and without exterior orifices
In compliance with pharma & food requirements
Robust and stable, vibration free while running
Frontal plate 20 mm thick
Different Product Fillers
Piston filler pneumatic or servo driven
Auger filler
Volumetric filler
Counting system
And more

Solid Filling Systems

For powders, granulates & pieces
Auger filler, volumetric cup filler lineal and rotary
Multi-head & lineal weighers
Counting filling systems
Customized fillers for special applications

Liquid Filling Systems

For liquid and pasty products
Endress+Hausser, Bopp & Reuther mass and magnetic flow meters
Piston fillers with pneumatic or servomotor operation
Customized fillers for special applications
Standard innovative system of filling correction in real time on all flow-metering dosing systems

Pouching Machine Configuration

FL 1.4B
FL 1.7B
Min mm Max mm Max cc Min mm Max mm Max cc Max ppm
FLT 1 50 x 50 140 x 200 200 50 x 50 170 x 200 250 110
FLT 2 45 x 60 70 x 200 50 45 x 50 85 x 200 70 180

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