Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines

Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines

At a Glance

  • 33 percent faster
  • Continuous-motion servo drive
  • Upgraded PLC platform
  • Changeovers in less than five minutes
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Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines
Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines Frame
Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines HMI
Rennco NextGen Vertical Bagging Machines Seal

Faster Vertical Bagging Machines

Following extensive work with customers and with its engineering team and sales personnel, Rennco created a more flexible and technically advanced platform upon which to build a whole new generation of vertical bagging machines.

At 60 bags per minute, NextGen machines are 33 percent faster than last generation of machines. Rennco NextGen bagging equipment moves beyond intermittent motion to a continuous motion servo with an upgraded PLC platform to achieve increased speed.

The Rennco design team simplified the sealing bar design, lowered the number of parts, and reduced adjustments in a complete revamp. This redesign achieves a significant increase in changeover speed and sealing quality. NextGen series sealing system is offered on new machines and as a retrofit for existing machines.

A larger and easy-to-use HMI is packed with operational and maintenance information. For example, the HMI identifies exact machine settings for key mechanical adjustments and operators simply dial in those settings. NextGen series changeovers are accomplished in less than five minutes.

The rugged frame has been lowered to make the new NextGen series machines easier to operate and maintain. Drive mechanisms have been located toward the back of the machine for better access to film and the product zone. Loading the film closer to floor level minimizes lifting. The new servo trim windup system has been updated for greater reliability and control through the HMI. NextGen series machines are manufactured in the US. Replacement parts are readily available and technical support is a phone call away.


Speeds up to 60 packages per minute
Servo-driven seal system
Ergonomic design
Easy operator access
Easy film loading
Reduced change-over time
Less floor space
Improved guarding
Larger, user-friendly HMI
Servo trim wind-up
Easily interfaced with infeed systems


Larger screen
Clear operator and maintenance screens
Easier set up
Fewer parts
Servo driven
No need for teflon tape
Lower height
Easier film access and feeding

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