Tripack ST Shrink Sleeve Steam Heat Tunnels

Tripack ST-1 Shrink Sleeve Steam Heat Tunnel

At a Glance

  • Maximum shrink control with various steam components
  • Fully adjustable, 3-way steam manifold injection system
  • VFD controlled air circulation
  • Double walled stainless steel frame
  • Made in the USA
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Tripack ST-1 Shrink Sleeve Steam Heat Tunnel Tripack ST-3 Shrink Sleeve Steam Heat Tunnel

Steam Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnel for Moisture Sensitive Products

Tripack's line of ST steam tunnel systems are the most robust, controllable steam tunnels on the market today. Tripack ST steam tunnels are designed with double walled stainless steel shells, on-the-fy steam baffle distribution adjustments, VFD steam exhaust system, and super heated steam fow control components. Easy operation and excellent steam controls make these tunnels great for low speed operations and high speed bottling lines.

Tripack ST steam tunnels offer maximum shrink control through various steam components and a fully adjustable, 3-way steam manifold injection system. ST Series tunnels are built with a double-walled stainless steel frame that minimizes surface temperature. All tunnels come with Allen-Bradley VFD controlled steam exhaust system. Models range in length from 3' to 20'.


Typical applications include high ratio sleeve applications, premier heat shrink quality product requirements, glass containers, and shrink multi-packs.

Versatile, Quality Shrink Control

The Tripack ST Series tunnel systems are designed to provide the highest level of shrink quality through an integrated control system. This digital control system includes pressure metering, directional and fully-adjustable steam distribution, and variable speed steam exhaust.

The versatility of these steam tunnels ensure your ability to run the more challenging shrink sleeve applications such as contoured bottles with high shrink requirements, trigger spray bottles, as well as odd or oblong shaped containers.

Simple, Repeatable Setup

When performing a line changeover, you want the process to be as quick and as simple as possible. Production up-time is a serious consideration when looking at the overall efficiency of a packaging line. These steam tunnels take the guess work out with a scaled, repeatable setup process.

Features of ST Steam Tunnels

Heat-safe baffle pressure calibration compartments.
Cantilever / conveyor through tunnel design.
Adjustable stainless-steel weldment frame with adjustable feet.
Variable speed steam exhaust controls.
Pressure-reducing valve including pressure and temperature gauges.
Independent and adjustable steam baffles with optional toolless adjustment.
Water collection tray with drain system.
Double wall stainless steel construction.
3 year warranty.


3A culinary steam filters
3Electronic temperature monitors
3Automatic steam shut off
3Product drying systems

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Specifications of ST Shrink Label Steam Heat Tunnels

Model Length Tunnel Opening Suggested Steam Supply Operating Pressure
ST-1-45 6.5' 6.3"W x 25"H 80 - 125 psi 5 to 20 psi
ST-1-75 6.5' 9.5"W x 25"H 80 - 125 psi 5 to 20 psi
ST-2-45 10' 6.3"W x 25"H 80 - 125 psi 5 to 20 psi
ST-2-75 10' 9.5"W x 25"H 80 - 125 psi 5 to 20 psi
ST-3-45 3' 6.3"W x 25"H 100 psi 5 to 20 psi
ST-3-75 3' 9.5"W x 25"H 80 - 125 psi 5 to 20 psi

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