Starview SDC Automatic Slitting Die Cutters

Starview SDC Automatic Die Cutting Machine

At a Glance

  • Cost effective way to trim skin packaged products
  • No use of individual steel rule dies for different packages
  • Slitting wheels for cutting or perforating
  • Heavy-duty industrial design for long life

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Starview SDC Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Starview SDC Series combination slitting and die cutting machines are a cost effective way to trim skin packaged products. These machines eliminate the use of individual steel rule dies for each different package configuration.

The SDC Series features an intermittent motion infeed conveyor to transfer skin boards to the die cutting and slitting area. Circular cutters running against a hardened steel roller are used to slit parallel to the movement of the skin board. A pneumatic press activates the cross cutting perpendicular to the movement of the skin board. The interval at which this cut is made is programmable from the touch screen operator interface panel.

These automatic slitting die cutting machines utilize photocells and clear polycarbonate guards for operator safety. To prevent damage to the cross cutting knife, the SDC Series machines also utilize photocells to detect products that may be in the cutting area.


Effective for trimming skin boards where it is desirable to trim packages with product facing up
Available with slitting wheels for cutting or perforating
Cross-cut may be straight or rounded corners and can include common hang hole styles
Small footprint conserves floor space
Two standard machine sizes available
Quick changeover of cross cut from Touch Screen and moveable slitters mounted on rail
Heavy-duty industrial design floor model machine


Additional slitting heads for straight or perforated cutting
Longer than standard infeed and outfeed conveyors

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Specifications of the SDC Series Automatic Slitting Die Cutters

Specifications SDC-24 SDC-30
Maximum Skin Card Width 24" 30"
Maximum Skin Card Length 40" 40"
In-Feed Conveyor Powered Powered
Out-Feed Conveyor Powered Powered
Maximum Product Height 5.0" 5.0"
Slitting 5 Single cut standard 5 Single cut standard
Cross Cut Pressure 10,000 lb 10,000 lb
Cross Cut Style Straight or rounded corners Straight or rounded corners
Hang Hole Punch Standard Standard
Average Cycle Speed 1-4 CPM 1-4 CPM
Electrical 208-240V, 3 ph, 10 amps 208-240V, 3 ph, 10 amps
Working Height 39" 39"
Approximate Size 74"W x 52"D x 55"H 74"W x 58"D x 55"H
Approximate Weight 1,000 lb 1,100 lb

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