Dynaric D2100C & D2300C Cylindrical Automatic Strapping Machines

dynaric D2100C strapping machine

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dynaric D2100C strapping machine D2100C and D2300C Automatic Strapping Machine Layout

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Automatic Strapper Designed for Small and Cylindrical Products

The D2300C is a specialized machine with a narrower sealing head than a standard machine. The table tops are flat (without rollers) allowing for a package only 2.6" wide x 1.4" high to be strapped securely.

Cycle initiation is by start switch, table mounted photo switch or foot switch. The table height is set at 800mm (31.5") but can be adjustable with optional height adjustment kit. The strapping material is heat sealed for maximum seal efficiency. Operating on single phase power, the D2300C strapping machine can be plugged in virtually anywhere in your facility.

The design of this machine includes rounded corners on the table tops for increased personal safety. The coil is internally mounted, minimizing required floor space, and utilizes an open design so that the coil is visible.

Easy automatic strap feeding and automatic strap discharge of leftover strap once has coil has been exhausted are just a few of the features which make this a user friendly unit.


State-of-the-art innovative design, with rounded corners for personal protection.
D2100C uses 5mm and 6mm strapping. D2300C uses 9mm and 12mm strapping.
25mm narrow sealer table and flat table tops allow for small packages.
Compact, lightweight assembly, for easy mobility throughout your facility.
Compact, low maintenance sealer head.
Internal strap dispenser minimizes required floor space.
Stainless steel tensioning roller.
Cycle time capable of a throughput of 48 straps per minute.
Loop kick-out feature eliminates strap jams.
Faster warm-up time reduces production delays.
Easily accessible strap feed unit for trouble free automatic strap feeding.
Open coil cabinet permits visibility of internal strap coil.
Automatic strap discharge mechanism removes any leftover strap when strap coil is finished and in case of a misfeed.
External adjustment of strap tension by the simple turn of a dial.

Specifications of the D2100C & D2300C

Overall Depth 24.8" (630 mm)
Overall Width 38.4" (976 mm)
Overall Height 48" (1220 mm)
Table Height 31.5" (800 mm)
Weight 308 lbs (140 kg)
Cycle Time 1.2 Seconds
Cycle Initiation Palm switch, tabletop photocell, foot switch, or foot bar
Sealing Method Heat seal
Package Size Minimum Flat: H: 1.37" x W: 2.55"
Minimum Round: Dia: .78"
Maximum: Determined by arch
Tension Externally located, adjustable 3 - 70 kg
Seal Head Location Bottom
Electrical Consumption 500 Watts