Dynaric NP7000 Inline Fully-Automatic High-Speed Strapper

Dynaric NP7000 Inline High-Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

At a Glance

  • Inline fully-automatic high-speed strapper
  • Cross straps bundles without rotating
  • Soft clamp compression, bundle-conditioning system

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Dynaric NP7000 Inline High-Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine
Dynaric NP7000 Inline High-Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine
Dynaric NP7000 Inline High-Speed Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

High-Speed Strapping System Cross Straps Bundles without Rotating

The Dynaric NP7000 Inline strapper is a high-speed strapping system, designed to cross strap bundles without rotating.

Using GreenTech technology, the NP7000 Inline operates using 50% less power while continuing to provide superior performance and outstanding reliability.

The NP7000 Inline is designed with the user in mind by equipping the machine with user friendly smart touch - icon control display, quick change dispenser system, end of strap sensor, and an easy strap feeding system.

With its soft clamp compression, bundle-conditioning system, narrow spaced conveyor belts and variable speed conveyor, the NP7000 Inline handles bundle variables with ease. The entire strapping unit slides out for easy access without moving the machine offline.


Unique indexing strap arch allows strap placement along the length of the bundle without rotating
Anti-Strap-Loss-Function (ASLF) constant strap control
Strap width 5mm – 9mm, adjustable
Automatic strap threading, soft
Strap end detection system with automatic discharge of remaining strap
Automatic strap tensioning, stepless
Strap coil detection with yellow indicator lamp
Direct-Access-Technology (DAT)
The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam
Torque controlled strap tension, adjustable
Upstream and downstream interlocks with complete plug connection
Conveyor speed steplessly adjustable
GreenTech low power consumption
Production data analysis via Ethernet/USB
Safe and Open (SAO) - Safe without protection doors
SMART Touch icon control panel
Standby mode
Wear-free, energy saving 24 volt direct-drive-motors
Wear-free strap-frame with stainless steel guides

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Specifications of the NP7000 Inline

Capacity Up To 32 cross strap bundles per minute
Bundles Width: 5.9" - 16.5" (150 - 420 mm)
Length: 5.9" - 16.5" (150 - 420 mm)
Height: 0.39" - 15.7" (10 - 400 mm)
Max Weight: 55.1 lbs (25 kg)
Conveyor Speed 65 - 3.28 f/s (0.20 – 1.0 m/s)
Strap Tension Steplessly adjustable
Max. 73.0 lbs (325 N)
Strapping Size 1/4" - 3/8" (5 - 9 mm)
Sealing Method Heat seal
Strap Coil 7.87" (200mm) I.D.
16.5" (420mm) O.D.
7.87" (200mm) Max Width
Power Supply 380 - 550V, 3 Phase, 47 - 63 Hz
Power Consumption 0.75 kW
Weight 1826 lbs (830 kg)

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