Wulftec Other Stretch Wrapping Equipment

In addition to designing and building the industry's best rotary arm and turntable stretch wrappers, Wulftec also makes other stretch wrapping equipment for unique applications. These machines are built for very high speeds, banner wrapping, and horizontal wrapping.

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Wulftec WRING-250 Rotary Ring Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The WRING-250 medium-speed rotary ring stretch wrapper wraps up to 75 loads per hour. This stretch wrapper offers banding and split wrap capabilities.

Wulftec WRWA-200 Horizontal Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

Built for lumber, doors, windows, carpets, and other large products, the WRWA-200 horizontal stretch wrapping system is safer, stronger, and more reliable than any other horizontal stretch wrapper.

Wulftec WRW-Spin Horizontal Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

Minimize labor and material packaging costs for wrapping long products that cannot be wrapped on conventional wrapping machines. A great alternative to strapping, taping, poly bags, corrugated materials or other unitizing methods.

Wulftec WCW Automatic Banner Applicator

The Wulftec WCW Automatic Banner Applicator applies a printed banner that can display your company logo or a message around the perimeter of your pallet loads.

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