Wulftec Pallet Dispenser

Wulftec Pallet Dispenser

At a Glance

  • Automatically dispenses empty pallets onto conveyors or onto the floor
  • Eliminates manual handling of pallets
  • 4000 max load weight
  • Stores up to 15 pallets
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Wulftec Pallet Dispenser

Dispense Pallets Automatically

The Wulftec Pallet Dispenser provides automatic dispensing of empty pallets onto pallet handling conveyors or directly onto the floor.

Features of the Wulftec Pallet Dispenser

Eliminates manual handling of pallets
Reduces wasted space occupied by short pallet stacks
Reduces pallet damage caused by careless handling
Pallet magazine replenished with forklift, resulting in time savings


Stores up to 15 40" x 48" pallets (other dimension available)
Dispenses the pallet in "easy mode" (narrow side leading)
Presents one pallet at a time on demand to the work area
Load empty pallets from outside the work cell without interrupting operation
Low-level detection
To be installed over or beside existing conveyor or can be supplied with conveyor
Pallet loading configurations: Right hand / Left hand
Pallet traffic photoeyes will be present to determine if an empty pallet is required or not
Requires 230VAC / 3A / 60Hz
Air pressure 3CFM @ 80PSI

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