ATS SP1X3 Straight Line Filling Machine

ATS SP1X3 Straight Line Filling Machine

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ATS SP1X3 Straight Line Filling Machine ATS Engineering Manufacturing Plant

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In-line filling, sealing, and overcapping machine
No cup, no fill, no seal
No drip, cut-off nozzles
Built in 1-lane up to 8-lane configurations
Heat seals pre-die cut foil or film from roll stock
Automatically applies snap-on lids
For medium to large scale production lines
Flexible in design and layout
Produces up to 320 cups per minute
Designed to meet or exceed USDA and FDA regulations and built in compliance with 3A standards


Multiple filling operations in the same cup, such as fruit on the bottom yogurt
Run more products on one machine with minimal change-over time, such as different cup formats and different cup heights
Gas flushing into the container
Bottom up fill
User friendly touch-screen control panel
Designed to allow space for future added components, such as a heat sealer assembly addition)