Weigh Right iQ-Flip Scale

Weigh Right iQ-Flip Scale

At a Glance

  • Up to 80 fills per minute
  • Fill nutmeats, coffee, seeds, granules, pellets and small candies
  • Fill into conveyed containers or directly into bags in a bagger

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Weigh Right iQ-Flip Scale

High-Speed, Low-Cost Scale

The Weigh Right iQ-Shuttle scale redefines the weigh-and-fill market by providing a small, low-cost scale offering fill rates up to 80 fills per minute. A great option to a combination scale or multiple lane linear scale for medium and high-speed packaging applications.

Features & Benefits

Up to 80 fills per minute
Low cost compared to multiple-lane scales or combination scales
Only 1 weigh hopper for simple maintenance
Quick changeover
Minimal contact surfaces to clean
Fits in a 4' cube

How the Weigh Right iQ-Flip Scale Works

The iQ-Flip vibrates a continuous stream of product into a two-compartment high-speed oscillating weigh bucket that quickly flips from one compartment to the next once the target weight has been met in the first.

iQ-Flip with Indexing Conveyor

The iQ-Flip is designed to fill nutmeats, small whole vegetables, coffee, seeds, granules, pellets and small candies into conveyed cans, jars, trays or tubs.

iQ-Flip with Bagger

The iQ-Flip can be supported on a split support frame over the transition funnel of a bagger or mounted to the top plate on most vertical baggers. The short stack-up height is minimal compared to multiple lane linear scales and combination scales yet offering moderately high-speed filling.

Production Rates

1 oz to 4 oz: 70-80 fpm
4 oz to 16 oz: 60 fpm
1 lb to 2 lbs: 40 fpm
2.5 lbs to 3 lbs: 30 fpm
3.5 lbs to 5 lbs: 20 fpm

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