Protect-a-Coil Roll Protector

Protect-a-Coil Roll Protector

At a Glance

  • Protects roll and coil inside and outside diameters
  • Handles variety of roll and coil circumferences
  • Protects rolls of film, paper, textiles, and coils of metal products

To provide you with the best pricing, we require a minimum order of one pallet of material.

Sustainability Tip

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Rugged Corner Board Construction Protects Pallet Loads

Protect-A-Coil is designed to protect inside and outside diameters of metal coils, rolls of fine paper and other irregularly palletized freight.

Notches can be spaced to handle different roll and coil circumferences.

Protect-A-Coil is available in flat strips and continuous rolls.

Caliper Range


Profiles Available

2" fingers rounded tips (2" – 5" base)
2" fingers flat tips (2" base)
5" fingers pointed tips (2" – 4" base)


Finished steel coils
Pre-printed paper rolls
Non-woven textiles

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your pallet corner boards and edge protectors.

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