Dynaric High-Quality Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Our versatile, economic polypropylene strap has excellent tenacity and recovery characteristics. Polypropylene's wide range of processing properties make it a superior choice for plastic strapping in all applications from light to heavy duty with an emphasis on economy.

Dynaric Controlled Low Elongation Plastic Strapping

Replace your costly polyester strap with cost saving low elongation polypropylene! This strapping material is a hybrid of properties blended to create optimum performance and economy. Low elongation, high resistance to impact, and superior break strength combined to create a formidable strapping band.

Dynaric Ultraband Ultra-Low Elongation Plastic Strapping

Eliminate the use of steel banding and save money! Ultraband low elongation strapping is the solution! Ultra low elongation, high resistance to impact, and superior break strength combine to create a formidable strapping band suitable for challenging packaging applications.

Dynaric Extra Large XL Coils of Polypropylene Strapping

30% more strap means extra savings per coil! Extra Large XL Coils are produced with the same high quality resin used in our entire line of plastic strap - PLUS extra footage per coil. Increase your production and save money by preventing unnecessary downtime between coil changes.

Dynaric Recycled Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Recycled plastic strapping is most commonly used with buckles, seals, manual hand tools and power friction weld hand tools. Recycled polypropylene is commonly used in light-duty palletizing environments. However, strongly regulated specifications allow this strap to be used in a general packaging strapping machine.

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