Biodegradable Stretch Film?

Biodegradable Stretch Film?

At a Glance

  • Must be ASTM 6954 and / or ASTM D6400 certified
  • Performs as well as standard stretch films
  • Not OXO degradable, or simply degradable

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Looking for Biodegradable Stretch Film?

So are we.

There are a lot of stretch films out there claiming to be biodegradable. We have not found a film that meets our standards.

Some stretch films are OXO-degradeable. These films have additives that break down the film into smaller particulates. This process is not really biodegrading; it's just disintegrating the film into smaller particles that can get into land and water.

Other films have an adhesive in the film that is not biodegradable. And yet other films are called "degradable", not biodegradable.

We are looking for a stretch film that performs as well as standard stretch films that also has ASTM D6400 certification for compostability and/or ASTM D6954 certification for biodegradability.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 if you manufacture certified biodegradable stretch film.

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