FOM Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Starview FOM Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

At a Glance

  • Fully-automatic, roll fed or sheet-fed, vacuum forming machines
  • Radiant heater panel oven for maximum heat penetration
  • High thermoforming quality with simple mold height adjustment
  • Automatic out-feed and finished sheet guillotine cut-off system
  • Heavy-duty industrial design
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Starview FOM Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Fully-Automatic Roll Fed or Sheet Fed Thermoforming

Starview FOM vacuum forming machines are fully-automatic, roll fed or sheet-fed. These reliable machines include a radiant heater panel oven for maximum heat penetration, automatic out-feed, and a finished sheet guillotine cut-off system.

FOM Series vacuum formers can be equipped with optional features such as a sandwich (upper and lower) heater system operated dependently or independently above and below the film.

Additional options include male/female mold capability, an inline automatic pre-heat station, an automatic plug/grid assist that is adjustable from the touch screen, as well as adjustable film width.

Features of FOM Vacuum Formers

Complete PLC machine control with color touch screen operator interface
Fully automatic, roll fed with adjustable guillotine sheet cut-off
Optional plug/grid assist adjustable from touch screen
High-efficiency radiant panel heating elements for maximum heat to film while conserving energy
Heater oven zoned for uniform heating of film
High-powered cooling blowers to reduce process time

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Specifications of FOM Automatic Thermoforming Machines

Specifications FOM-2030 FOM-2530 FOM-2540 FOM-3040
Forming Area 20" x 30" 25" x 30" 25" x 40" 30" x 40"
Cooling Blowers Standard Standard Standard Standard
Vacuum Pump Standard Standard Standard Standard
Water Cooled Base Standard Standard Standard Standard
Plug / Grid Assist Optional Optional Optional Optional
Adjust Film Width Optional Optional Optional Optional
Cycle Speed 1 - 4 CPM 1 - 4 CPM 1 - 4 CPM 1 - 4 CPM
Max Form Height 5" 5" 5" 5"
Electrical 208-230 V, 3 Ph, 65 Amp 208-230 V, 3 Ph, 70 Amp 208-230 V, 3 Ph, 80 Amp 208-230 V, 3 Ph, 100 Amp

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